Liang & Eimil Dolmi Marble Sculpture Small
LE026-ACSR-0007 – LE026-ACSR-0008 – L&E – Dolmi Marble Sculpture Large and Small_2000 x 1600_2

Dolmi Travertine Sculpture Small – Beige

Item Ref:    LE026-ACSR-0008

The Dolmi Travertine Sculpture is a captivating creation that offers a symphony of aesthetic delight. Crafted with travertine, its arch shape draws the eye into a realm of refined artistry.

Its creamy beige hue whispers tales of ancient quarries, while its sleek contours speak of modern finesse. Whether adorning the serenity of a residential sanctuary or lending an air of opulence to hospitality spaces, its versatility knows no bounds.

For those seeking to elevate their spaces, a larger counterpart awaits. When paired, they weave a narrative of harmony and grandeur, effortlessly transforming any setting.

Features: Beige Travertine Marble Sculpture

Also available in large.

Weight (kg):    2.14
Dimensions:    W100 x D50 x H123
Box Dimensions:    W170 x D190 x H125
Box Weight (kg):    2.24
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