Liang & Eimil Dolmi Marble Sculpture Large - Beige
LE026-ACSR-0007 – LE026-ACSR-0008 – L&E – Dolmi Marble Sculpture Large and Small_2000 x 1600_2

Dolmi Travertine Sculpture Large – Beige

Item Ref:    LE026-ACSR-0007

Nestled gracefully within timeless sophistication, the Dolmi Travertine Sculpture is an artistic marvel designed to captivate the eye and elevate the essence of any room with its Scandinavian design ethos. Crafted with precision, its minimalist arch shape beckons curiosity, drawing admirers closer to uncover the secrets woven within its travertine character.

As you trace the contours of this masterpiece, you’ll discover more than just its aesthetic allure. Travertine embodies resilience and refinement, making it suitable for both hospitality and residential projects. The Dolmi offers a timeless accent that harmonises effortlessly with any interior style.

For those seeking to curate spaces that inspire, there’s also a smaller version of the Dolmi Sculpture available. When placed together, these companions create a symphony of form and texture. Whether adorning the centre of a grand foyer or nestled in the tranquillity of a private study, the Dolmi Sculpture, it’s a statement of artistry and refinement, enriching the spaces it inhabits with its understated grandeur.

Features: Beige Travertine Marble Sculpture

Also available in small.

Weight (kg):    2.03
Dimensions:    W100 x D50 x H200
CBM:    0.01
Box Dimensions:    W170 x D270 x H122
Box Weight (kg):    2.25
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