Towards a Sustainable Future.

At Liang & Eimil, sustainability is at the core of our brand values and commitments. We understand the importance of responsible sourcing and production practices, and we strive to minimise our environmental impact while offering high-quality products.

Our sustainability plan encompasses various aspects of our operations, from sourcing to production, packaging, and beyond. Allow us to outline our sustainability plans and commitments, highlighting our efforts in wood sourcing and production, as well as our strategy for incorporating eco-friendly fabrics into our upholstered furniture.


Here are some key elements of our strategy:

a. Efficient Resource Management: We continually strive to optimise our production processes to minimise waste and maximise the efficient use of resources. By implementing best practices, we aim to reduce energy consumption, water usage, and material waste throughout our supply chain.

b. Eco-Friendly Materials: We are dedicated to using eco-friendly materials wherever possible. In addition to sourcing FSC certified wood, we actively seek out other sustainable materials for our furniture, such as recycled fabric. We prioritise suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability.


Wood Sourcing and Production:

We are proud to state that most of our wood products are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified suppliers. The FSC is an internationally recognised organisation that sets standards for responsible forest management, ensuring that forests are managed in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. By working with FSC certified suppliers, we support sustainable forestry practices, which promote the conservation of forests, protection of wildlife habitats, and the rights of local communities.

Recycled Fabric for Upholstered Furniture:

We are excited to share that we have introduced the use of recycled fabric for our upholstered furniture. By incorporating recycled materials into our production process, we aim to reduce the demand for new raw materials and contribute to the circular economy. This initiative aligns with our commitment to sustainability and allows us to offer furniture that combines style and environmental consciousness. Read more about our Recycled Fabric and explore the collection.


Through these measures, we strive to meet industry standards for sustainability. Our aim is to provide our customers with furniture that not only enhances their living spaces but also reflects their values and promotes a more sustainable future.

By choosing our furniture, you can be confident that you are supporting a brand that prioritises responsible sourcing, sustainable practices, and a commitment to minimising its environmental impact. Together, we can make a positive difference in the world we live in.


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