frank eimil

Creative Director and Co Founder

Meet the visionary mind behind it all, Frank Eimil, Our Creative Director. As an accomplished interior designer himself, Frank embarked on a journey to redefine the industry by crafting luxury furniture, lighting, and accessories that effortlessly radiate sophistication. His vision is to bring an aura of timeless elegance to residential and hospitality projects across the globe.

Honghui liang

Managing Director and Co Founder

Meet Honghui Liang, the Managing Director of Liang & Eimil. Together, with her husband Frank Eimil, they embarked on a mission to infuse a fresh, modern vibe into the world of interior design. Honghui proudly describes their partnership as a perfect match, with her knack for running the business harmonising with Frank’s design concepts. Honghui’s entrepreneurial spirit shines as she builds Liang & Eimil with Frank from the ground up over a delightful decade. 


Head of Sales & Marketing

With an impressive track record, John brings a wealth of experience within the industry. He previously held key positions such as Sales Director at the renowned Tom Dixon Studio and served as General Manager at Established & Sons, a leading force in product design. He is committed to personally engaging with each client, fostering meaningful discussions on how we can further enhance our products and support to mutually foster our partnerships.


Sales Manager

Mandeep is our dynamic Sales Manager at the forefront of B2B success. With a proven track record in driving results and meeting targets, she has successfully steered profitable business growth through the development and execution of effective sales and administration strategies. Her expertise lies in exceeding expectations in client service delivery, all while ensuring a maximum impact on brand presence. 


Account Coordinator

Meet PJ, our valuable Account Coordinator, who plays a pivotal role in supporting our sales team. Specialising in after-sale coordination, PJ is the go-to person for clients seeking all-around care, ensuring a seamless process between order processing and logistics. With a keen eye for detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, PJ ensures that every client’s experience is smooth and enjoyable from start to finish. 

Steffi Yeh

Supply Chain Specialist

Meet Steffi, our skilled Supply Chain Specialist who is focused on supply chain and supplier management. Steffi ensures logistical efficiency, adeptly solving problems for a smooth flow from production to delivery. Her effective communication style fosters collaboration and synchronisation among stakeholders, demonstrating a commitment to precision and reliability in delivering exceptional products with efficiency and excellence.


Marketing Manager

Meet Ai Pheng, a seasoned Marketing Manager and award-winning designer, blending brand marketing expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit. Highly motivated, she excels in brand positioning and relationship management, consistently delivering exceptional results from idea inception to completion. With a proven track record in maximising brand recognition within luxury and premium sectors, Ai Pheng brings a wealth of experience, pushing boundaries and creating impactful marketing strategies. Passionate about innovation and committed to excellence, she stands out as a dynamic professional elevating brands to new heights.

Gabriella Catino

Gabriella catino

Marketing Executive

Gabriella is the artistic force behind our visual identity, elevating our brand to unparalleled heights. Her work is a seamless blend of precision and creativity, adding a touch of sophistication to our elegant aesthetic. Her keen eye for detail and editing skills ensure that our brand is celebrated. Beyond her design prowess, Gabriella is a powerhouse of productivity, taking charge of our online presence, website, catalogue, new product launches and social media. With a strong work ethic and infectious enthusiasm, her designs not only speak volumes but also add an undeniable vibrancy to our team dynamics.

Tony Cheung

Warehouse Operations Manager

Meet Tony, a powerhouse of expertise in logistics and operations management. Tony is at the forefront of our warehouse operations, overseeing critical aspects such as cost reduction, process improvement, and supply chain management. His proficiency in 5S, international logistics ensures operational excellence at every stage. His diverse skill set and dedication ensures our warehouse operations run seamlessly and with continuous improvement at their core.

Delia Gligor

Office & HR Manager

Meet Delia, our dedicated HR Manager who plays a pivotal role in fostering a positive and inclusive work environment. With a keen understanding of human resources dynamics, Delia brings a wealth of experience to the team. Her role extends beyond administrative tasks as she focuses on talent acquisition, employee engagement, and overall well-being. Delia is the driving force behind our commitment to creating a workplace where each team member can thrive. 

Byron Colman

Senior Designer

Meet Byron, our Senior Industrial Designer, a talented Designer & 3D Artist. With a specialisation in high-end furniture design, Byron brings a wealth of experience from working in luxury brand studios. His expertise lies in seamlessly taking projects from initial sketches to digital renderings and into the meticulous process of manufacturing. Byron showcases a comprehensive skill set that elevates the design process.