Liang & Eimil Dolmi Marble Sculpture Large
LE026-ACSR-0020 – LE026-ACSR-0021 – L&E – Dolmi Marble Sculpture Large and Small_2000 x 1600_2

Dolmi Marble Sculpture Large – White Black

Item Ref:    LE026-ACSR-0020

The Dolmi Marble Large Sculpture captivates with its monochrome allure, crafted from the finest white and black marble. Its hypnotic swirls draw the eye into its depths, enhanced by a unique arch shape for sophistication. Seamlessly blending into any space, it elevates both hospitality and residential projects with timeless elegance. Versatile and refined, it complements various interior styles, exuding understated luxury. A smaller version allows dynamic arrangements, either paired for style or alone for attention. With seamless fusion of form and function, it invites exploration and admiration, embodying timeless marble craftsmanship.

Features: Black and white marble sculptureAlso available in small.

Weight (kg):    2.14
Dimensions:    W100 x D50 x H200
CBM:    0.01
Box Dimensions:    W170 x D270 x H122
Box Weight (kg):    2.24
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