Liang & Eimil at Decorex 2023


Liang & Eimil’s participation in Decorex 2023 was a resounding success. It allowed our brand to showcase its new collection and connect with an audience that shares our passion for interior design. The event was a testament to the enduring appeal of understated elegance in a world of ever-changing trends. Liang & Eimil’s commitment to creating timeless, elegant pieces that elevate living spaces was on full display, and it left a lasting impression on all who had the pleasure of visiting our stand.

For 45 years, Decorex has been the go-to event for designers, businesses, and luxury suppliers in the high-end interiors industry. It’s a platform where the latest collections are presented, connections with premium suppliers are forged, and a space where companies establish themselves as leaders in the world of interior design. In this year’s exhibition, Liang & Eimil had the honour of showcasing their new furniture, lighting, and accessories at Olympia London from October 8th to 11th, 2023. Participating in Decorex each year is consistently a remarkable occasion for us, as we connected with numerous visitors while demonstrating our unwavering commitment to design excellence.

The Liang & Eimil Aesthetic

Liang & Eimil is known for its distinctive design philosophy that revolves around the concept of timeless luxury/timeless design. The brand’s creations are characterised by a seamless blend of classic and modern elements, resulting in timeless pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. This fusion of styles is what sets Liang & Eimil apart in the world of interior design.

The Decorex Experience

Decorex is more than just an exhibition; it’s a hub for design enthusiasts, interior designers, architects, and luxury suppliers to come together and explore the latest trends in the world of high-end interiors. For Liang & Eimil, participating in Decorex 2023 was an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share their passion for design and their appreciation for understated elegance.

The New Collection

Liang & Eimil’s display at Decorex 2023 was a sight to behold. Our new collection featured a range of furniture, lighting, and accessories that encapsulated the brand’s commitment to excellence. From exquisite sofas and tables to awe-inspiring lighting and statement-making accessories, the collection had something for every design aficionado.

Connecting with the Audience

Decorex provided us with a unique opportunity to interact with our audience, which included designers, decorators, and individuals seeking to elevate their living spaces. Our team engaged in meaningful conversations, sharing insights into our customers’ design process and the inspiration behind their creations. Visitors were able to witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each Liang & Eimil piece.






Hudson Sofa – Beau Clay Boucle

Liang & Eimil Mono Oil Painting with black lines on white

Mono Oil Painting

Liang & Eimil Magestic Pendant Lamp - Black White Glass

Magestic Chandelier

Liang & Eimil Herman Side Table Oreo Grey

Herman Tables – Oreo Grey

Liang & Eimil Zeta Desk - Ebony

Zeta Desk

Liang & Eimil Albi Dining Chair in Morgan Sienna fabric and black wooden legs

Albi Dining Chair

Liang & Eimil Montana black sideboard with brass circles

Montana Sideboard

Liang & Eimil Zultanite Oil Painting on canvas with black wooden frame

Zultanite Oil Painting

LE023-ST-005 - L&E - Liang & Eimil Argos Side Table Faux Marble Concrete Black Marquina

Argos Side Table

Liang & Eimil Long Pedestal in Faux Marble Concrete Grey

Long Pedestal

Liang & Eimil Faro Floor. Lamp

Faro Floor Lamp

Liang & Eimil Kaolin Oil Painting with black wooden frame

Kaolin Oil Painting

Liang & Eimil Elis Occasional Chair in Bilma Sand Chenille

Elis Occasional Chair

LE020-ACSR-215_L&E_Meteorite Jar Small

Meteorite Jar Large and Small

Liang & Eimil Shetland Ceramic Horse

Shetland Ceramic Horse

Liang & Eimil's Lady Gaia sculpture

Lady Gaia Sculpture