Liang & Eimil Mono Oil Painting with black lines on white
LE018-751_L&E_Mono Oil Painting_2000 x 1600_2LE018-751_L&E_Mono Oil Painting_2000 x 1600_3L&E Living Room CGI 2000 x 1250

Mono Oil Painting

Item Ref:   LE018-WA-751

The thick black paint strokes on the white canvas are applied in several recognisable patterns to give it a special charm. This two-tone oil painting stands out thanks to its predominantly black and white arrangement. Mono, which comes with a black wooden frame, works well in both light and dark environments since the dark colours complement the white background. It also adds a sense of contemporary.

Oil Paint On Canvas, Hand Painted with Black Wooden Frame





Weight (kg):   7.8
Dimensions:    W1500 x D50 x H1500
CBM:   0.213
Box Dimensions:    W1540 x D90 x H1540
Box Weight (kg):   11.25
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