Project Highlight: Hexadot


Hexadot Designs Ltd. is a London-based interior design company that specialises in creating contemporary visions for their clients. With an extensive portfolio and years of experience, they have successfully transformed spaces ranging from single bedrooms to entire penthouses in Central London. In this project highlight, we explore their project at St Katherine’s Docks and delve into the challenges, vision, and success of the design.

Hexadot Designs Ltd. is renowned for their expertise in delivering contemporary interior designs that meet the unique preferences and needs of their clients. With a focus on creating calm and luxurious spaces, their designs showcase a blend of comfort, sophistication, and attention to detail.

Project location: Located in the vibrant neighbourhood of St Katherine’s Docks, this project offered an opportunity to work with a young female professional looking to create a calming and relaxing environment within her space.

Project brief: The client desired a transformation that embraced neutral and bright colours, exuding a sense of luxury and glamour. The objective was to create an open and spacious arrangement that maximised the utilisation of the room while maintaining comfort and sophistication.


Overcoming project challenges: Architectural limitations restricted structural modifications in the space. However, by meticulously selecting wall colours, patterns, and furniture pieces, Hexadot Designs successfully harnessed the client’s vision, recreating the space to meet the desired aesthetic without altering the layout.

Design vision and achievement: The vision for this project was to create a contemporary and minimalist space that emanated luxury. By closely collaborating with the client and understanding her personality, environment, and sources of natural beauty, Hexadot Designs achieved a luxurious and contemporary feel. Through consistent communication and meticulous execution, they delivered precisely what the client had envisioned.

Sources of inspiration: The design and vision for this project were primarily inspired by the client herself. Hexadot Designs drew inspiration from her personality, surroundings, and appreciation for natural beauty, ensuring the design reflected her unique preferences and lifestyle.

Client feedback: The client expressed overwhelming satisfaction with both the design and furniture. The transformed space garnered numerous compliments, and Hexadot Designs received referrals from the client’s peers. Regular communication and ongoing support have strengthened the relationship, highlighting the positive impact the design has had on the client’s enjoyment of the apartment.


“Overwhelming satisfaction with both the design and furniture”


Liang & Eimil pieces in this project

Hexadot carefully selected a choice of furniture, lighting, and accessories to align with the client’s lifestyle choices and preferences. Additionally, they considered the property style and elements such as natural lighting to ensure a harmonious and cohesive design.

The choice of Liang & Eimil furniture for this project was a natural fit, seamlessly blending with the client’s style and budget. The collection offered a perfect combination of elegance and affordability, aligning with the overall vision of the design.


Design tips for elevating personal spaces: Hexadot Designs recommends investing in timeless furniture pieces, such as sofas and dining tables, as a sustainable approach to interior design. While trends come and go, classic items provide longevity and versatility. Accessorising these pieces allows for easy style transformations without the need for constant furniture replacements.

Hexadot Designs’ project at St Katherine’s Docks showcases their ability to create contemporary and sophisticated spaces tailored to their clients’ desires. By overcoming challenges, closely collaborating with the client, and choosing the right furniture pieces, they have successfully delivered a calming and luxurious environment. Their design tips serve as valuable insights for those seeking to elevate their own spaces, emphasising the importance of timeless investments and personalised touches.