Liang & Eimil Piper Bench Lander Ochre
LE001-BCH-562 – L&E – Piper Bench Lander Ochre – 2000 x 1600 – 2LE001-BCH-562 – L&E – Piper Bench Lander Ochre – 2000 x 1600 – 3LE001-BCH-562 – L&E – Piper Bench Lander Ochre – 2000 x 1600 – 4LE001-BCH-562 – L&E – Piper Bench Lander Ochre – 2000 x 1600 – 5

Piper Bench – Lander Ochre

Item Ref:   LE001-BCH-562

Enhance your interior with the Piper Bench, a perfect fusion of style and vibrancy. Dressed in the captivating Lander Ochre upholstery, the Piper Bench brings a burst of orangey yellow radiance to any room. Its bold, yet elegant colour evokes a sense of warmth and energy, making it an instant focal point in your decor.

Crafted for both beauty and durability, the Piper Bench features a sturdy frame that ensures longevity. The sleek lines and modern design seamlessly complement various interior styles, from modern to classic.

It’s a statement piece that exudes personality and charm. Bring a touch of sunshine into your home with the Piper Bench and elevate your decor to a new level of brilliance. Suitable for use in your living room, bedroom, dressing room or even the hallway.

Features: Lander Ochre Upholstery and Wooden Frame Structure

Weight (kg):   14.9
Dimensions:    W1280 x D450 x H465
Seat Width: 1280
Seat Depth: 450
Seat Height: 465
CBM:   0.3
Box Dimensions:    W1300 x D470 x H490
Box Weight (kg):   18.4
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