Liang & Eimil Orb Sculpture Large - Ivory
LE026-ACSR-0002 – LE026-ACSR-0003 – L&E – Orb Sculpture Large and Small_2000 x 1600_2LE026-ACSR-0002 – LE026-ACSR-0003 – L&E – Orb Sculpture Large and Small_2000 x 1600_1

Orb Sculpture Large – Ivory

Item Ref:    LE026-ACSR-0002

Captivate your space with the allure of the Orb Large Sculpture. Crafted with meticulous detail, this captivating piece emanates an enchanting aura that transcends ordinary decor. Its striking design features flat mouths encircling its unique form, drawing the eye with mesmerising charm.

At its core, the sculpture boasts a speckled design reminiscent of a celestial body, evoking the serene beauty of a white moon against a night sky. The intricate play of light and shadow adds depth to its surface, creating an ambience of tranquility and sophistication.

Features: Ivory Resin Sculpture with rock salt texture

Small version also available.

Weight (kg):    0.3
Dimensions:    W157 x D157 x H150
CBM:    0.01
Box Dimensions:    W185 x D185 x H185
Box Weight (kg):    0.41
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