Liang and Eimil's Ellis small crystal amber vase
LE019-VS-055_LE019-VS-056_L&E_Ellis Crystal Amber Vase_Small_Large_2000 x 1600_1LE019-VS-055_L&E_Ellis Crystal Amber Vase_Small_2000 x 1600_3Liang & Eimil_LE019-VS-055_LE019-VS-056_Ellis Amber Vase_Lifestyle

Ellis Crystal Amber Vase – Small

Item Ref:   LE019-VS-055

Enhance your room d├ęcor with the the elegant and slender form of the Ellis crystal vase. Its bubble filled heavy base creates stability so you’re sure it does not get knocked off easily.

Crystal vase in amber
Available in different sizes and colour.

Weight (kg):   1.8
Dimensions:    W80 x D80 x H375
CBM:   0.008
Box Dimensions:    W280 x D280 x H370
Box Weight (kg):   9
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