Liang & Eimil Citrine Oil Painting with black wooden frame
LE018-738_L&E_Citrine Oil Painting _2000 x 1600_2LE018-738_L&E_Citrine Oil Painting _2000 x 1600_3LE018-738_L&E_Citrine Oil Painting _2000 x 1600_4

Citrine Oil Painting

Item Ref:    LE018-WA-738

Citrine’s exclusivity covers all of the requirements for making a room perfect. The main colours represent daylight, which is associated with happiness, and how Citrine can bring joy to any space. The hand painted strikes have a flawless, imperfect appearance and its textural strokes add a realistic fantasy feel.

Oil Paint On Canvas, Hand Painted with Black Wooden Frame




Weight (kg):    6.8
Dimensions:    W1400 x D50 x H1400
CBM:    0.185
Box Dimensions:    W1440 x D90 x H1440
Box Weight (kg):    9.7
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