Liang & Eimil - Butka Media Sideboard - Blonde Oak
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Butka Media Sideboard – Pale Oak

Item Ref:    LE021-TUV-036

Unveil the Butka Media Sideboard in Pale Oak, a sublime manifestation of light brown oak elegance that demands attention. This extraordinary piece boasts two commanding legs, seamlessly harmonising stability and style. The wood’s inherent warmth creates an ambience that is not just seen but felt, making it a statement addition to bedrooms, dining rooms, living spaces, and studies alike.

Crafted for both hospitality and residential projects, the Butka Media Unit is a testament to versatility and functionality. Its spacious storage compartments offer a graceful solution for organising spaces while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic. The light brown oak hue transforms any room into a haven of refined Scandi design. Elevate your interior with this striking TV stand, where form meets function in a captivating dance of craftsmanship.

With its enduring appeal and timeless design, this sideboard is an invitation to delve into the artistry of wood, embodying the perfect blend of practicality and aesthetic finesse for those who appreciate the beauty of design.

Features: Two drawers, Pale Oak

Also Available in Natural Walnut

Weight (kg):    58
Dimensions:    W2200 x D450 x H500
CBM:    0.65
Box Dimensions:    W2260 x D510 x H560
Box Weight (kg):    62
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