Liang and Eimil Sahara Tray
LE020-ACSR-217_L&E_Sahara Tray_2000 x 1600_2LE020-ACSR-217_L&E_Sahara Tray_2000 x 1600_5LE020-ACSR-217_L&E_Sahara Tray_2000 x 1600_4LE020-ACSR-217_L&E_Sahara Tray_2000 x 1600_3

Sahara Tray

Item Ref:    LE020-ACSR-217

The distinctive form of the Sahara tray gives it a contemporary and minimal appearance. With its tanned vegan leather lining and neutral beige marble, it complements any warm interior colour scheme beautifully. The lines effectively strike the right balance between sharp and softened edges.

Beige Marble Tray with Brown Vegan Leather Lining

Weight (kg):    2.09
Dimensions:    W280 x D220 x H30
CBM:    0.013764
Box Dimensions:    W37 x D31 x H12
Box Weight (kg):    2.49
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