Liang & Eimil Link marble sculpture cutout
LE020-ACSR-199 Link Marble Sculpture 2_2000 x 1600LE020-ACSR-199 Link Marble Sculpture 3_2000 x 1600LE020-ACSR-199 Link Marble Sculpture 4_2000 x 1600

Link Marble Sculpture – Black & White

Item Ref:    LE020-ACSR-199

Link marble sculpture comprise of two interlaced rings; a white marble circle ring and a black marble square ring. This witty structure interacts with solid and empty areas, creating movement in the room.

Black marble square ring, White marble circle ring

As marble is a natural material, colour and texture may differ on every piece.

Weight (kg):    1.89
Dimensions:    W200 x D140 x H140
CBM:    0.013
Box Dimensions:    W290 x D210 x H210
Box Weight (kg):    2.2
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