Liang & Eimil Aston Dining Table - White Ceramic
LE009-DT-5015_L&E_Aston Dining Table – White Ceramic_2000 x 1600_1LE009-DT-5015_L&E_Aston Dining Table – White Ceramic_2000 x 1600_3LE009-DT-5015_L&E_Aston Dining Table – White Ceramic_2000 x 1600_4LE009-DT-5015_L&E_Aston Dining Table – White Ceramic_2000 x 1600_5

Aston Dining Table – White Ceramic/Matt Black

Item Ref:    LE009-DT-5015

The Aston Dining Table has a white marble-effect top and four black metal legs for a streamlined and elegant appearance. There is ample room around the Aston for family and friends to comfortably enjoy meals in a variety of dining settings. The table would look stunning in a dining room with a mid-century vibe when paired with trendy, statement chairs.

The ceramic surface requires little upkeep, and spilled red wine will not leave stains. You get marble elegance with minimal maintenance.

Suitable for up to 6 seatings.

Marble Effect Ceramic Table Top, Matt Black Metal Legs

Weight (kg):    35
Dimensions:    W1150 x D1150 x H760
CBM:    0.21
Box Dimensions:    W1215 x D1215 x H145
Box Weight (kg):    38.3
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