Liang & Eimil's Astell crystal grey vase, large
LE019-VS-054_L&E_Astell Crystal Blue Vase_Large_2000 x 1600_2LE019-VS-054_L&E_Astell Crystal Blue Vase_Large_2000 x 1600_3LE019-VS-053_LE019-VS-054_L&E_Astell Crystal Blue Vase_Medium Large_2000 x 1600_1LE019-VS-052_LE019-VS-053_LE019-VS-054_L&E_Astell Crystal Blue Vase_Small Medium Large_2000 x 1600_1

Astell Crystal Blue Vase – Large

Item Ref:    LE019-VS-054

Adorn your living room with the leaf-like Astell crystal vase. Its vibrant amber colour will liven up the space. Placed next to other similar vases in different sizes, they look stunning even with or without flowers.

Crystal vase in blue
Available in different sizes and colour.

Weight (kg):    5
Dimensions:    W200 x D90 x H440
CBM:    0.018
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